Travel: Singapore 2017

I won’t make any excuse to justify why I have not written for months despite my travels here and abroad. I’m lazy, or at least not motivated to write at all – you know, I’m really having a hard time sharing, actually expressing myself, since I got sick. But anyway, here’s a brief write up for my 15-hour stay in Singapore.

Yes, you read it right, I only spent 15 hours in Singapore – most of it, at Singapore Changi International Airport. I can say that of all the airports I’ve been, Changi Airport is the best, from its service to facilities, all I can say is just “Wow.”

Point of view from one of the boarding gates.

But anyway, my Singapore trip was just a quick trip because that 15-hour stay is just my transit hours. I was actually on my way to Indonesia then. My itinerary was Manila to Singapore-15 hour-transit-Singapore to Indonesia. I left the Philippines at 10:40am and arrived in Singapore at 2:20pm of March 12, 2017.

So what did I do in Singapore for more than half a day?

Well, I spent most of my time in Singapore exploring – and by exploring, I mean walking and walking and walking and more walking. Before going to Singapore, I made a list of places I wanted go to and see. That list includes Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Merlion Park and Universal Studios Singapore. But due to time constraint and given the fact that I am alone and a first timer, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay were the only places I was able to visit.

How did I get there?

Courageous enough, I took the MRT at Changi Airport (CG2) bound to Tanah Merah (EW4). I transferred from train to train. From Tanah Merah (EW4) I took another train to Bugis (EW12). There will be seven (7) train stations before you reach Bugis from Tanah Merah. When you arrive at Bugis (EW12) you will have to transfer again to Bugis (DT14) where you will ride another train to Bayfront (DT16). When you arrive at Bayfront (DT16) you will have to transfer again to Bayfront (CE1) where you will ride the train bound for Marina Bay (CE2). It’s quite confusing but it was really fun exploring the city alone.

Scanned copy of my Singapore’s (MRT) map. Haha #tourist #exploreSG

Fortunately, I’m a good map-reader. I didn’t get lost. (Only on my way back to the airport where I slept for the night waiting for my flight to Indonesia.)

I tried observing while on my way to Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay. I noticed that Singaporeans really value personal space.  Given that, they respect each other’s personal space. This is through following the total capacity of seats in the MRT, unlike in the Philippines, hay.

Anyway, here are some photos from my Marina Bay Sands & Gardens by the Bay visit:

Super Trees!

I’ll surely be back for more of Singapore.


Travel: Palawan 2016

It took me a while to write about my Palawan trip. I was in the midst of my depression and it was really hard for me to talk about things, what’s going on with my life, etc. So here’s what happened.

Some of the islands of Palawan.
Happy kid! Haha

We boarded the plane around 1:30pm and arrived at around 2:30pm. From what I remember, Puerto Princesa City is just an hour away from Manila by plane. (Thanks to Philippines Airlines!!!). We checked in at Citystate Asturias Hotel (Look for online reviews of this hotel! Their service is really good and fast). After resting for about two hours, Tita Dette and Mom wanted to go out. Unfortunately, it’s already thirty-minutes to 5pm and the parks they wanted me to see are about to close. So they brought me first to Baker’s Hill. At Baker’s Hill, you will find restaurants, a pasalubong center, plants and picture-worthy parks. Baker’s Hill pasalubong center is famous of their Hopia.

After Baker’s Hill, we want to the pasalubong center in town. At the pasalubong center, you can buy of course, pasalubong including shirts, jewelries made from cultured pearls, bags, ref magnets and more.

For dinner, I can no longer remember the name of the restaurant but they serve the famous Crocodile Sisig. It’s a must try, guys! I swear.



I wanted to go island hopping the next morning but it was raining. I was left at the hotel alone because Tita Dette and Mom needed to attend to their seminar. I slept, ate, watched TV all day. It’s quite a boring day but hello, I’m in Palawan and Palawan is Palawan. In the evening we went out to attend 7pm mass at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. Fortunately, after the mass, there was a procession. It was their feast day. We were so blessed to be part of it.

My mom booked me for a tour the next day. She booked me a tour at the famous Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. In the tour I met Kuya Roger and Ate Laiza, who happened to be from Baguio. We became friends and became each other’s photographer. Before going to the National Park, we had two stopovers. One is a view deck where you can see the West Philippine Sea. The next one is the Ugong Rock Adventures.

When you tap the stones that comprises the cave, it will make a sound. That’s why they named it “Ugong” which means “sound.” Ugong Rock offers adventure for all ages. To be able to get to the top of the rock, one will have to hike and trek and to be able to go down, you have two choices, go back (which I bet you won’t do because it’s not really that easy) or to just zip! I chose the latter. After successfully surviving Ugong, we went straight to the Sabang port.

Sabang Port x West Philippine Sea

At Sabang Port, we had our lunch first before heading to the national park. After lunch, we immediately boarded the boat to the national park. It was at least 5 to 10 minutes away from the port. When we get there, I was really mesmerized by the beauty of the place. It felt like paradise. I only had few photos taken during the tour because I can’t concentrate plus there was no natural light inside the subterranean river.

The tour ended there. It was tiring but very sulit! I was brought back to the hotel. I took a shower and went swimming till Mom and Tita Dette arrived. I wasn’t able to island hop and do the city tour because the next day was our flight back to Manila. But I’ll be back for sure! To Honda Bay, Coron and more of Palawan!