Personal: Sablay Appreciation Post

It’s been a year now but the feeling is still surreal. And since Sablay season for 2017 just passed, I’ll share with you guys my Kwentong-Sablay.

The University of the Philippines isn’t my dream school – University of Santo Tomas is. I took entrance examinations from both, six different courses, 5 different colleges – Travel Management and Accountancy from UST and Tourism, Business Administration & Accountancy from UP Diliman and Language & Litirature & Communication from UP Baguio. Fast forward to the day of release of results. It was January 18, 2012, at 12mn, UST released. I made it to Travel Management; January 18, 2012, at 4pm, UP released. I made it to Communication.

Fate brought me to Baguio where I took Communication (Journalism-Broadcast Communication).

But why did I chose UP Baguio over UST?

That time, I was in (I don’t know if we really were a couple lol) a relationship with my guy best friend. We had plans and that includes entering UP Baguio and transferring to UP Diliman after a year. But things didn’t work out the way we wanted them to be. We broke up and the rest is history. LOL. We didn’t talk for two and a half years. Like, duh he left me with no reason, how can one not get broken af with that scenario?

My first semester went really well. (During this time, I was still fulfilling the promise I made – that I will transfer to Diliman.) I also went to every party organized for freshmen. I also managed to enter organizations as early as July and August. I joined the official dance varsity in UP and a political organization. (Yes! First families! They’re not just families, they helped me grow inside UP, they opened my eyes to what is really happening in the society and they helped in molding me to how and what I am at the moment) I learned to live alone. Cook, wash dishes and my own clothes, do grocery, budget my allowance – almost everything, because dude, I had no choice, I lived alone. My grades were fine – line of 1. naks, yabang. taga-up. Come second semester, I learned to go to bars and clubs. I go home at 3am – earliest. And I had my first 4.0. But I was able to save it so, you guys be proud of me. My History of Journalism class was as bad as hell. I got my first 3.0. (And it there’s a rule that if you’re a Journ-major, your lowest grade should be not lower than 2.0)  I wasn’t able to transfer to UP Diliman because of that 4.0 and in that moment, I gave up. I knew then that Baguio is for me as well as Ian (the guy best friend).

Second year – I attended more parties and discovered more clubs and bars around Baguio, but I managed to get my grades as high as if they’re smoking marijuana, kidding. I was able to balance academics, organization loads and social life!

Come third year – Communication theories and thesis proposal almost ate me alive. I still go to parties but still managed to keep my grades on the right track. Went to more commitment by joining three organization in that school year. There was a lot of org works since I am an officer of the then newly-established chapter (organization) in the campus – UP Namnama. In the same school academic year, I was also elected as the only dance varsity in the campus. Everything’s still balanced until I failed my thesis proposal.

Fast-forward fourth (and finally my final) year – I had to retake my thesis proposal subject but under different professor – I PASSED! Not just passed but with a little high grade! I passed everything in my first semester of fourth year with still the org works load (because well, I’m in five organizations and one varsity) and for me once you enter an organization, it is a lifetime commitment.

Then last semester (hopefully) came!!! I only have nine units left, and my classes are schedule during Tuesdays and Thursdays only. I had a lot of time for other things. So I tried dating. (I’ve never dated anyone since Ian happened.)

2014 is the year I met Alfred. He was in a relationship then so I didn’t bother, and I wasn’t really that interested with my orgmates from the Diliman Chapter. Fast-forward to January 2016, after almost two years, we met again – in an event organized by our organization. We’re not really that close. We didn’t even talk to each other until the pool after-party. We played games and talked and talked and talked and talked, we no longer recognized we’re slowly getting to know each other. We starting seeing each other after that. We go out, watch movies, judge people, eat, anything dating couples do. Until problems came, problems he thought he can’t handle. We “broke up” twice in four months. And these “break ups” shattered my heart to pieces. I did things I don’t usually do. I got lost. My academics got affected. Basically, EVERYTHING! I almost did not make it for graduation. I wasn’t writing my thesis and meeting the deadlines for the chapters. I skipped school for two to three weeks. Etc, etc, etc. I was so depressed (Yes! clinically, I have a psychiatrist).

But I tried to hold it all together AND I DID GRADUATE!

I was still able to finish my thesis, thanks to my thesis groupmates. I was still able to attend the remaining days of school in my other classes. And I graduated! Sasablay na ako!!!

May 30, 2016 – grades are out! It’s not yet official but I know I’ll march on June 23rd!

June 9, 2016 – official list of candidates for graduation is out and my name’s included! YES! IT’S OFFICIAL!!!

June 23, 2016 – the moment of truth! I obtained my bachelor’s degree!







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