Personal: Long Weekend

I lived in Baguio for four long years. I lived there alone. By alone, I mean, without my family. They visited me only twice in the span of four years. (I’m not ranting. I’m just saying. Lol) After graduation, I decided to stay for a few more days because I can’t leave Baguio just like that. Baguio became my second home and I can’t just leave like that.

I was in Baguio for the last four days. Yes, after two months, I went back to Baguio to spend my long weekend. I spent my first day (Friday) at school with my org-brothers and sisters. I also got my diploma that day. Finished the day with Allen and his thesis partner through a dinner at Jack’s, one of the most popular restaurants in Baguio; and had our dessert at Pizza Volante where Choco-Vanilla Affair is a must try!

The next day, Saturday, I went to Museo Kordilyera in the afternoon. (READ:, an ethnographic museum inside my Alma Mater. Had dinner with Christian, Renren and Thirdy at Pizza Volante. After dinner, we headed to Decade Fusion Cuisine for the Traffic Jam 9. From what I remember, Traffic Jam is the post-anniversary (or Valentine, because their anniversary is every 14th of February) party organized by the UP Sigma Beta Sorority. Having said that it is a post-Valentine party, this party is color-coded. By color-coded I mean, the color of your clothes; green for singles, red for taken and yellow for it’s complicated. Well, since I’m heartbroken for a year now, I wore green. (I’ve been going to Traffic Jam since my freshman year and I’ve been wearing the same damn color, shame self. Lol!) I drank a couple of glass of the cocktails served (and had withdrawal after because of breaking my medicine rules). I did enjoy the party but withdrawal sucks. I will never drink again. After the party, together with my clingy org-siblings and Thirdy, we went to Jollibee-Session Road to have some midnight snacks. After eating, everybody went home. I stayed with Christian at Thirdy’s crib ’till 3pm the next day. (Well, thanks Thirdy for the accommodation (and lunch the next day) after the party.)

From Thirdy’s crib, I went home and took a shower because I have to meet Ate Ivy and Ate Chlei. Since I miss dancing, Ate Ivy and I did what we always do whenever we see each other (so just like the old times) – dance central! Yes, Kinect! After dancing for a straight hour, I bid goodbye for a while to again meet my org-brothers and sisters for dinner! Yay, Korean restaurant!! While eating we played the Fvck-Marry-Kill game, and I had so much fun, really. After dinner, I met again Ate Chlei and Ate Ivy for KTV. (Yes, frustrated singer here.) I was supposed to have dinner with Lex also but he overslept during his afternoon nap. Lol. I was still able to meet Lex since he also came to Red Lion Pub (the KTV house). Lex and I had a heart-to-heart talk (as usual). Lex is the boyfriend-I-unfortunately-never-had type. He is also the as-if-he-doesn’t-care-but-he-actually-does type. I talked to him about my depression and he slightly (very little) got mad. We talked about Alfred (the guy behind the heartbreak that triggered my depression) before and he advised me then to not think about it, but since I wasn’t able to control my thoughts then, you all know what happened. Lex here actually saved my heart again. He gave pieces of advice for the second time around – hoping I’ll take them seriously this time. We left Red Lion at around 3am. Lex brought me home and we separated at 3:30 (well, just like the old times haha).

The next day is my trip back to Manila and I felt really, really sad. Not only because I’m leaving the people who made me happy (and laugh really hard) again but because it feels like I’m leaving home again.

What I’m trying to say here is that, Baguio is where I truly belong. Having my org-sisters and brothers, Kara, Thirdy, Ate Ivy, Ate Chlei, Dad Zek and Lex – I can stay there forever without getting hurt; I can be myself without people judging me after everything I’ve been and be happy just like before. I believe only Baguio has this healing capacity.  Whenever I’m there, I know I’m safe and strong.

I’m in the city now but it feels like I left my heart and whole being in Baguio.


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