Art Appreciation: BenCab Museum

[This is actually a long overdue art appreciation post. The photos used in this article were taken more than a year ago.]


BenCab Museum is one of the well-known museums in the Philippines today. This four-level building houses National Artist Ben Cabrera’s art collection. It is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm with an entrance fee of ₱120 for general admission, ₱100 for students with valid identification card, ₱80 for senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWDs) with valid ID. The museum is accessible by cars and through public transport (Jeep to Asin Rd; terminal near Baguio City Market. Aside from the museum and galleries, BenCab Museum also houses a farm and garden, a pond, a cafe and a shop.

6892_965806203472772_1827759401579593293_nThe museum shop sells souvenir shirts and caps, art books, postcards, wood carvings and the like. Cafe Sabel is known for its fresh from the farm foods. Vegetables are harvested everyday from BenCab’s organic farm – also can be found at the museum compound. Its signature coffee blend is BenCab’s Brew. The pond is a home to some fish and ducks.

The museum houses several galleries.

This is Kara, my all-around support and buddy. See her at

These include BenCab Gallery, Erotica, Cordillera Gallery, Patio Salvador, Philippine Contemporary Art Gallery 1, Philippine Contemporary Art Gallery 2, Print Gallery, Gallery Indigo, Bulol Installation and few other galleries.

Following are some of my snaps from one gallery to another. Forgive me for not taking notes while on tour. I can no longer remember which gallery these artworks belong.





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