Art Appreciation: Museo Kordilyera

I promised myself to write shorter blogs. I also promised to write other things than my depression. I hope I can do it right.

So here it is!

Museo Kordilyera is an ethnographic museum located at the heart of my Alma Mater, the University of the Philippines Baguio. As soon as you enter the university, you will be immediately greeted by the Oblation, the iconic symbol of the university. It is made by the famous sculpture Guillermo E.Tolentino.

It is a lot smaller in size compared to other UP campuses but it is a home of lovely people; UP Baguio community is a very welcoming community.

But this isn’t the purpose of writing this blog. This is about the museum inside the university. The Museo Kordilyera is an ethnographic museum at the University of the Philippines Baguio. According to sources, it is designed by Aris Go and his team.

It was temporarily opened last June 2016 and was formally opened last January 31, 2017.

Inside you will find human-size statues with tattoos. You will also find the equipment and tools used in tattooing before.You will find a gallery of photos featuring occasions like weddings and other festivities celebrated in a Cordilleran way.

You will also find artifacts of ethnographers. These include their notebooks, cameras and the like. You will also find jewelries, old maps and journals, clothes, tattoo patterns of Cordillerans and more.

I advice you guys to just visit Museo to know more and be immersed to the culture the museum offers (even just for 30 minutes). I promise when you get out of the Museo, you’ll have so much take away.


Here are more photos from my recent visit: