Personal: Restart

A month ago, I went to a psychiatrist, there I got diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. I wanted to shut the world out – that’s why I deleted my previous blog/Wordpress and Twitter accounts. I still deactivate my Facebook, sometimes – at times, whenever I feel I’m going to have one of my episodes. And yes, it helped – then. Until I can longer hold it together. I realized I needed an avenue to share without talking. I needed a platform to express my thoughts and what’s been going on with my life. So here it is – my new blog/Wordpress account. As I face my battle and as I try to pick myself up after everything I’ve been through, I hope to inspire other people by talking about Depression and share my travels, personal thoughts and other interests through this blog. I hope you enjoy my next write ups. Forgive me for this poor one. I’m still trying to get back to writing.


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